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Increasing Property Values

Are you a number or a client? Is your property manager located in your area, or in another county or another state? Do you deal with your actual property manager who makes decisions,
or a glorified clerical employee who reports to one or more layers of management and has no
authority to make decisions? Is your property manager just a person with a job, or someone
who has dedicated their career to property management?
Can you reach your property manager in an emergency? If you leave a phone or e-mail message,
will you receive a response? Will you receive a prompt response? How long has your property
manager been in the business? How many communities has your property manager served? Has
your property manager been in the business for forty years? Has your property manager served
twenty-nine communities at the same time?
Therein lies the difference—we are experienced, responsive, and we are local.

We offer services to unit owners and associations not always available through other property
management companies, for example:
 Pay association fees on-line
 24/7 access for prompt responses
 Periodic newsletters for unit owners
 Qualified, licensed and insured vendors
 Experienced, vetted sub-contractors
 Capital improvement project financing
 Professional oversight on capital improvements
 Reserve studies, scheduling and financing
 Regular CPA audits
 Always “on top of it”

The two best compliments we have ever received:
 “(Action) manages and cares for their community as if it were their own.”
 “(Andrea Saper is) a rare combination of skills, hard work and determination.”

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